Two years into the pandemic and people have kind of settled with the aspect of working from home. While boundaries have blurred with respect to usage of spaces yet it hasn't been easy to manage with so many distractions.

Since Work from home seems like the new normal, there are chances it might stay for a long time. Here are some useful tips to get through this:

  • Designate a Work Space
  • Pick up a room or corner in your home where you can work with minimum interference and get some privacy. Set up this space as your workstation so that you get the feeling of working in the office. Keep it clean, organized, and clutter-free. Make sure it is pleasant and comfortable.

  • Take Regular Breaks
  • Sitting for long hours decreases blood circulation leading to fatigue. Moving around for a few minutes every hour helps engage unused muscle groups in the body.

  • Set a Meal Routine
  • Consistent meal timing plays a crucial role in helping our bodies develop those reliable hunger cues. So it is imperative that irrespective of a change in the work location, one needs to ensure that one takes meal breaks as per schedule. It's also important that the place of having a meal should not be the same as that of work.

  • Add a Dash of Greenery to Work Space
  • How about brightening up your workspace with some indoor plants? They will not only liven up your mood but also improve the air quality of your home. Some of the options for home plants you can consider are peace lily, ferns, areca palm, lucky bamboo plant, flamingo flower, etc.

  • Use Aromatic Oils
  • There is nothing refreshing and more uplifting than the gentle fragrance of aroma oils wafting through your home. You can use mystic lavender or sandal aroma oil to enhance your mood and emotions. Put a few drops of aroma oil in a diffuser or potpourri and place it near your workstation. You can even put the oil in water and spritz the mixture around the room. 

    Aromatherapy also has proven health benefits like relief from anxiety and depression, better sleep, improved quality of life, particularly for people with chronic health conditions. You can buy premium-quality and all-natural aroma oils from Hem Fragrances. 

    Work from home has its own merits, provided you learn to balance personal and professional commitments and avoid taking undue stress. Follow the tips above and you will see increased productivity. Let us know what measures you have taken to adapt to the new normal and work from home!

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