Frankincense – Your medicinal saviour with healing properties!  

Did you know that “Frankincense was believed to be a symbol of deity”? which also refers to it being well-recognized as an epitome of positivity. In addition to this, besides frankincense's enigmatic and unique name it also holds exquisite medicinal value.  

Its healing benefits and contributions made in the medicinal world testify to its wholesome presence in health and wellness. However, it has been known for centuries and has a deep-rooted history, thereby holding a significant presence in many cultures and spiritual practices across the globe.  

What Does Frankincense Smell Like?  

Frankincense is a natural resin extract derived from the Boswellia tree, and hence, its fragrance is a well-balanced aroma comprising of an earthy and woody smell, and it allures everyone with its sweet, warm and comforting fragrance.  

Let's Understand And Look at the Enticing Benefits of Frankincense Incense Sticks:  

  • Aromatherapy:  

Aromatherapy is a healing practice believed to cure various problems and promote overall well-being. The medicinal saviour, frankincense, holds a valuable presence in both ayurveda and aromatherapy due to its therapeutic benefits in treating various problems. 

It is mainly due to its healing abilities to relieve oneself from respiratory issues like congestion, blocked passageway and discomfort in breathing along with many others. Burning the frankincense incense stick will help calm you and relieve you from stress and respiratory discomfort.  

  • Religious Sentiments 

The fragrance of frankincense is considered divine due to its substantial presence in many religious rituals and cultures. It is also said to be a symbol of deity owing to its positivity and divinity.  

It is highly regarded due to its contribution to purifying the air and creating a sacred atmosphere for religious practices. The calming and delightful aroma brings peace and relaxation, uplifting the mood and enhancing the religious atmosphere with a pure blissful sweet fragrance of frankincense.   

  • Spiritual Healing & Meditation:  

While meditation and spiritual healing leads to calmness in body and mind. It particularly requires you to have a quiet and serene atmosphere, which can be achieved by creating the right mood. Using frankincense incense sticks will help you attain the required calming effect. 

The sweet, warm and woody fragrance of frankincense is incredibly comforting, bearing the chilly and dry winter weather. Fill up the room with a natural and warm aroma relieving stress and anxiety. It helps you focus and immerse yourself in the right tranquil energy, ideal for meditation. So, the next time you plan to set up a cozy and calm atmosphere for relaxation and unwinding, choose frankincense sticks.  


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