Rejoice in the Welcoming Aura of Your Home!

Each season brings a different vibe, and weather conditions that create a distinct smell in your home. But if you love the freshness of citric aromas, you’re in the right place!

After a long, tiring day at work or a mundane day filled with activities and multiple responsibilities, everyone wants to return home to unwind and relax. But you don’t want to return home to an unpleasant or foul smell. Homes often lack a fresh fragrance for many possible reasons, such as pet odours, stagnant air, lack of ventilation, different types of furnitures, closed spaces and more.

Be it the next house party you're planning or hosting a lunch or dinner with family or a game night with your friends, make your home smell zesty and fresh to have a welcoming aura to your space.

Cast a Magical Spell of Citrusy Freshness on Your Homes!  

Want to know the secret to magical freshness?

Fragrance oils are the secret spell to uplift your home with a splash of radiance. Everyone loves the natural fruity and citrusy smell, which brings you an instant state of enhanced energy, uplifting your mood.

Fragrance oils are scented liquids that are put into aroma freshener diffusers, aromatherapy lamps, or potpourris. The long-lasting aroma of fragrance oils permeates your entire space with a blissful vibe. Hem fragrances has a wide range of fragrance oils suited to match and elevate the aura of your home. Some perks of citrus fragrance in your home includes warding off foul smell, renewed mood and energy, natural air fresheners and repellants.

Here’s Our Top 3 Fragrance Oils For a Fresh Home All Year Round

1. Lemon Fragrance Oil

We all use lemon to elevate the taste of your food for a dash of sour taste to enhance it. But did you know, the rinds of lemon are extremely useful too?

The zesty smell of the rinds of lemon are used for making many products, flavouring and garnishing, and mainly for aromatherapy and cleaning products. The fragrance of lemon is known to cure depression and ease anxiety leaving you with a boost of energy. Use lemon fragrance oil for a house party or yoga session or an afternoon lunch to induce a fresh aura to your home.

2. Orange Fragrance Oil

If you love the smell of orange, our orange fragrance oil is just perfect for you! The smell of orange adds a natural charm to any place bringing in a sweet and fruity aroma.

The scent of orange is known to energize your mood and provide instant relief from any foul smell and brighten your home with its fruity aroma. Due to its strong fragrance, it brings in pure nature’s goodness adding to the joy of your home. What a perfect way to uplift your mood instantly.

3. Lemongrass Fragrance Oil

The aroma of lemongrass fragrance oil is vibrant and strong and is considered as one of the strongest and lasting fragrances. Often used for generations to provide a natural fragrance due to its herbal smell.

Well, it has a wide amount of health benefits which include reducing stress and uplifting spirits, purifying the air, boosting energy levels, mood enhancement, and antioxidant properties. It overall contributes to the better well-being of an individual. This makes it ideal for your home.


Make the most out of every event or celebration planned at your home now with Hem fragrance oils. Explore our wide range of curated fragrance oils that suit different weather conditions, moods, choices, different fragrance notes, for every plan and celebrations depending on how you want your home to smell.

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