It is believed that humans are surrounded by both positive and negative energy. While positive energy raises your soul’s vibrations and gives you a feel-good factor, negative energy has the opposite effect. It makes you feel low, depressed, tired, or stuck. Negative energy is also a roadblock to happiness, abundance, and manifestation.

To let go of the negative, old, and stagnant energy and to replace it with positive energy you can sing, dance, go for a walk, light a candle, or say a prayer to get rid of pessimistic energy. 

Some people follow the sacred art of smudging, an ancient ritual dating back thousands of years. It has its origin in Native American culture and subsequent mentions in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Catholicism.

What is Smudging?

Smudging is a practice of burning powerful herb sage to cleanse negative energy and purify the air. Sage derives its name from the Latin word ‘salvere’ which means ‘to heal’. The sage emanates slight smoke on burning and neutralizes negative ions to pave way for positive ions. As the smoke ascends, it is believed to carry your prayers to the universe and invoke God and raise your aura’s vibrational frequencies. 

Smudging also represents four elements of nature – herbs as ‘earth’, burning as ‘fire’, smoke as ‘air’ and the vessel to hold herbs as ‘water’. Every living and non-living thing on this planet is made from these four elements. Hence, smudging is known to purify people, objects, and spaces. It metaphorically cleanses and rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit. 

What are the Benefits of Smudging?

Apart from cleansing spiritual impurities, smudging also offers several physical and mental health benefits. It is a natural remedy to cure headaches, sore throat, flu, colds, inflammation, digestive disorders, etc. It reduces stress and combats anxiety and depression, thereby supporting mental health. It also has a connection to mindfulness and makes you calm, which helps you to sleep better.

A study found that the burning of medicinal herbs can reduce 94% of airborne bacteria. Sage is known to have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, and repel viruses, bacteria, fungi, and insects. The same study also highlighted that smoke  had the ability to keep the air pure for up to 24 hours. So, it has the power to uplift your mood, bring more clarity and awareness, and boost your productivity.

Smudging also improves the functions of the brain, skin, respiratory system, and nervous system.

How to Smudge?

Before you begin the smudging session, open a window or door to let out the smoke and negative energy. Put the sage in a fire-proof bowl or shell and lit it from the tip. Walk clockwise around the perimeter of space. Blow out the smoke with a feather or your hands, especially in the hidden and dark corners.

Where to Buy Smudging Materials?

It could be difficult to source different and authentic sage and smudging ingredients. Hence, Hem Fragrances has come up with a Smudge Indulgence Kit, a rare assortment of aromatic Palo Santo Incense Blends such as Sandal, Arruda, Cinnamon, Myrrh, and Rose. It is made from natural forest products and more than 90% essential oils. It not only purifies the environment but also brings therapeutic benefits and creates a tranquil atmosphere.

Smudging is a highly effective spiritual technique. Do it with deep reverence and gratitude, and you will be surprised to experience its benefits.