Which Fragrance Of Incense Is The Best For You?


In the previous blog, we learned the science behind incense sticks as why and how we should inculcate and use them in our day-to-day lives. You must have already decided to buy incense for yourself; as incense sticks or cones fill your surroundings with a pleasant aroma and help you destress yourself, uplift your mood and help you during yoga and meditation. You can read all the benefits of using incense here. So now you might be curious which fragrance of incense you should buy, which one suits you the best you might wonder!

Thanks to our olfactory senses and Central Nervous System(CNS), each fragrance has different effects on our mind, soul and body. Whether it’s Jasmine, Sandalwood, or Lavender, each one has its own use and effect, which may not be suitable for all. Don’t worry, there’s at least one fragrance for y’all which will become your favorite in future times. We have done our research for you so that you can read and explore which one’s best for you!

  • Lavender: Lavender is best used in Aromatherapy. It helps to reduce mental stress, anxiety and induces a state of calmness in your mind. People suffering from insomnia can also benefit a lot from lavender. During your sleep time, you can light our lavender incense sticks and fall asleep peacefully. Remember, having a burning incense stick is far safer than using a burning candle with its naked flame!

  • Rose: Commonly known for its refreshing and regenerative essence, Rose incense is used to remove toxins from the air and purify the atmosphere. When inhaled, it lowers the concentration of stress hormones in your body and thus helps to uplift your mood. Not to forget the connection of rose with love, during love sessions with your partner or your own self, this rose incense works like magic. It soothingly fills the atmosphere with bliss and helps you emit true emotions.

  • Sandalwood: Sandalwood is one of the best incense you can use for ritual ceremonies. It has been harvested in India (along with Australia) for the past 5,000 years and has been exported worldwide. It is a primary fragrance when it comes to relaxation, positive thinking and calmness of our mind. Sandalwood, along with floral incense like Jasmine and Lavender, decreases depression and anxiety too.

  • White Sage: A rarity in itself, White sage incense has an earthy fragrance. When burnt, it removes any negativity present around you and engulfs the surrounding with serene positivity. White Sage, along with Palo Santo, has been used by sages for smudging purposes. The incense particles dispel any negative energy and induce a state - full of zeal and a positive mindset. 

  • Musk: Musk incense has anti-inflammatory elements which help to cure cold and headache. It’s also used to relieve body spasms, seizures and tremors. Due to its aromatherapeutic scent, it prepares you to stay focused and be in your zen during meditation too. One might get a good night’s sleep when lit during nighttime.

  • Jasmine: In Aromatherapy, Jasmine serves as a stimulant along with Lavender to boost brain activities. This incense when inhaled stimulates and activates the brain hormones, which ultimately improves mood and reduces depression. Its sensual fragrance can be used to hype up the romantic atmosphere amongst couples.

  • Palo Santo: Palo Santo, typically native to Peru, Ecuador and other South American countries, has been mainly used to relieve pain and stress. In Spanish, palo santo means ‘holy wood’. As the name suggests, it’s used to clear negative energy and induce positivity in the atmosphere. Smudging with palo santo helps you to restore peace and harmony at your home.

  • Cannabis: One of the rare incense which has the essential fatty acids in it - Cannabis incense helps you to improve the flow of your circulatory system, remove obstructions from your veins, and keep your cardiovascular health in check. It also helps to control one’s anxiety attacks and induce good sleep.

  •  Lotus: The natural flowery and earthy fragrance of lotus, when inhaled, inspires the body to breathe more deeply. It rejuvenates the lungs and eases the flow of air throughout the respiratory system. Asthma patients can reap benefits from this natural fragrance. This incense helps to release internalized anger and thus calms your mind and body.

  •  Frankincense: Along with Lotus incense, Frankincense can be used if you have breathing problems. Considered as one of the pure incense, Indian communities burn this incense to purify the air. Its sweet, woody aroma enhances mood and diminishes stress and anxiety as well.

  • Now that you know the psyche behind all these fragrances, you can choose the best incense fragrance for yourself. Still not sure? You can try out our HEM Aroma Collection Incense Sticks. It comes with 25 different fragrances in one pack; which helps you to ease your anxiety, increase confidence, vitality and healing purposes. Or you can buy them separately at our store. We, at HEM Corporation, manufacture high-quality incense sticks, cones and essential oils just for your well-being. Until then, ciao!

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