The “early months of the year 2024” are here! While we are affirming our goals and setting our expectations for this year. We already see new ambitions and possibilities taking a front foot in our lives. But what has not changed is humankind looking for comfort, peace and tranquillity amid all their busy schedules.   

Hem fragrances consistently continue to brighten up your mood and fill your homes with soothing fragrances. Embrace the newness and open doors to positivity and rejuvenation with hem fragrances- Backflow incense cones. A perfect match of visual aesthetics and elegance adding to the beauty of your homes.  

What Are Backflow Incense Cones? 

Backflow incense cones are small, compact conical-shaped aromatic cones available in various scents to suit your liking. They have a unique projection of producing smell by illuminating majestically. These cones emit smoke downward, which makes them strikingly different from other fragrance products.  

But Why are Backflow Cones A Must For 2024?  

The need for aesthetics has kept on growing now more than ever! Right from the products we use, pictures we take and even home decor, visual aid is a must. So, if you're looking to elevate the beauty of your home and make it smell magical at the same time, choose Backflow incense cones.  

What makes these cones different to the wide variety of aromatic products in the market is their unusual way of giving out smoke from below the cone, unlike other products that emit smoke upward. When used with the right incense burner, the cone emits its smoke downwards, resembling a waterfall of smoke, which is a pure treat to the eye!  

Here’s Our Guide To The Top 4 Backflow Cones for 2024:  

1: Musk Backflow Incense Cone 

The warm smell of musk is ideally popular among many aromatic products, specifically due to its strong musky smell, which brings about a rich, earthy and slightly sweet fragrance.  

This makes the musk backflow incense cone’s aroma perfect for cold weather conditions aiding any space with its soft smell for a calming and warm effect. Perfect for relaxation and drawing a clean and pure smell around you, boosting your mood and energy levels.  

2: Lavender Backflow Incense Cones 

Products with the aroma of lavender are always highly in demand. It is mainly because of the effect its smell creates that carries about a balance of soft smell- that eases tension, aids good sleep, and brings about peace and serenity.  

Use lavender backflow incense cones during meditation or simply while you take a break and relax after a long day to end your day with the therapeutic benefits of lavender for healing.  

3: Lotus Backflow Incense Cones 

Lotus is well regarded for its spiritual significance and healing benefits that hold its prominence. It creates a relaxing environment, encouraging good sleep and leading to tranquil energy.  

The fragrance of lotus backflow incense cones has a floral aroma perfect for summer. It brings fresh and natural effects, radiating a sweet and flowery aroma, lifting your mood. 

4: Sandalwood Backflow Incense Cones 

If you are aiming towards spiritual healing in 2024, the aroma of sandalwood backflow incense cones is highly recommended for you.  

Sandalwood has been a part of various religious and cultural practices for years now due to its divine smell. The classic woody aroma of sandalwood attracts positivity and stimulates your mind with clarity and creativity. It is also a natural room freshener that lets your home smell divine. 


We hope you find your perfect aromatic match for 2024! Hem Fragrances wishes to continue being your support and motivation, leading you to a positive and happy space.  

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