White sage is synonymous with the ancient ritual of smudging. Traditionally, indigenous people from South America and the Southwestern United States used the herb for cleansing and purifying. Today, white sage incense has become famous worldwide as the incense one must use to protect one’s peace. While you may be familiar with white sage’s smudging benefits, this sacred herb has therapeutic, calming and spiritual benefits. Before we discuss the benefits of white sage incense, let’s take a little detour and understand the herb itself. 

What Is White Sage Incense Used For & What Does It Smell Like? 

White sage belongs to the mint family of herbs. It is native to the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico and grows in Southern California, Baja California and the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. Native Americans and indigenous cultures of Mexico treated cleared energies trapped within a person, place or object by smudging with white sage. White sage is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and is used to naturally treat physical ailments. 

When burned, white sage incense sticks release a fresh, earthy and herbaceous aroma. The smell reminds one of a warm summer’s day and the tranquility of nature. Consequently, the scent of white sage incense promotes calmness and groundedness. 

These are the spiritual benefits of burning white sage incense sticks:

1. Purifies your energy:

White sage has powerful cleansing and purifying qualities. It can absorb harmful energies from your space, objects and yourself. This is why indigenous cultures of the Southwestern United States revere and incorporate white sage into smudging rituals. When you light white sage incense sticks, the smoke released into the air traps all its negative ions. When it dissipates, it carries away every evil and negative energy. In its place, white sage diffuses the air with positivity and nurturing energies. As a result, you feel cleansed and restored to your positive vibes, leaving you in a blissful state of mind. 

2. Eases anxiety and stress:

White sage is reputed to have grounding and soothing properties. The invigorating scent of white sage incense sticks instantly stops your racing thoughts. It energizes your mind. White sage has psychoactive components in it. These components positively affect your brain and body, thereby improving your mood, stress levels and anxiety. Since white sage incense puts you in a tranquil state, it improves your sleep quality. Cultivate the habit of burning white sage incense sticks before bedtime to have a night of restful sleep.

3. Increases spirituality:

White sage is considered sacred by the indigenous populations of the Southwestern United States. They not only use white sage for smudging and removing negative energies but also use it to aid spirituality. They used white sage to assist in spiritual journeys, such as meditation. As mentioned, when you light white sage incense sticks, you actively clear your environs and yourself of negative energies while your stress and anxiety levels shift downward. This balance in energies makes your path to spiritual awareness easy. If you want to achieve a state of pure zen in your next meditation session, light white sage incense sticks. 

The historical use of white sage is rife with cultural significance. For ages, white sage has lent a helping hand to Native American populations in healing the mind, body and spirit. Traditionally, dried white sage leaves were tied in a bundle with a twig and burned. For ease of use and convenience, white sage is now available in incense sticks or smudge sticks. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase white sage incense sticks from trusted incense suppliers. To learn more about genuine incense suppliers, visit www.hemfragrances.com