Palo Santo, also known as “holy wood” in Spanish, has been fundamental to Central and South American indigenous cultures for centuries. Shamans and spiritual healers traditionally burned palo santo incense to ward off malicious forces. Palo Santo is increasingly gaining popularity today for the same reason. Palo santo incense sticks are made from the resin of the palo santo wood. It has been a constant presence in South American indigenous cultures' spiritual rituals owing to its protective, energy cleansing and spiritual benefits.  

What are Palo Santo Incense Sticks, What Are They Used For, & What Do They Smell Like?

Palo Santo incense sticks are made from the resin of Burseraceae trees. The trees in this species are commonly known as “The Incense Trees”, as frankincense, myrrh and copal have the same origin. Palo santo has rich purification properties. It is used in sweat lodge, smudging and any spiritual ceremony that requires an effective energy cleanse. Palo santo dispels negative energies and imbues the air with positive and transformative auras. People describe palo santo’s smell as a light, minty pine fragrance with citrus notes. Some even compare the smell of palo santo to sandalwood and cedar. 

We’ve Rounded Up Three Benefits Of Palo Santo Incense Sticks For Your Next Purification Ritual

1. Removes Negativity & Protects Your Energy  

Palo Santo’s two indispensable benefits are purification and energy restoration. When you burn palo santo incense sticks, their high resin content releases cleansing and purifying energies. Palo Santo’s revitalizing scent dispels negativity from people, objects and places. This is why palo santo incense sticks have been used for centuries in smudging and sweat lodge ceremonies. Once the energies undergo a spiritual shakedown, palo santo incense replaces them with healing, positive and productive energies. It fortifies your space, objects and being from newer disruptive energies. A smudging session with palo santo incense sticks can lift the dry spell if you regularly face unseen obstacles or a pathway to bliss.  

2. Deeply Heals The Crown Chakra 

The crown chakra is an integral energy center of your body. It controls your thought patterns, intuition, and connection with the divine realm while aligning your conscious and subconscious minds. Furthermore, your crown chakra regulates creativity and focus. It is located at the crown of your head. A blockage in this chakra manifests as overthinking, overanalysis, frequent distraction, low creativity and low spirituality. Palo santo incense sticks can reroute this blockage. They are nicknamed “Wood of the Gods” by the indigenous people of South America for their intensely spiritual nature. When burned, palo santo releases a deeply energizing scent that wafts over your body and enters the mind. It breaks down the barriers of the crown chakra and replenishes it. Once palo santo heals your crown chakra, you can focus better, develop a positive outlook and gain greater spiritual awareness. 

3. Significantly Reduces Stress 

One of the lesser-known aspects of palo santo incense is its stress management properties. Palo santo has tranquilizing and relaxation-inducing properties. Owing to these features, it significantly reduces stress, particularly after long and fatiguing days. When you light palo santo incense sticks, their clarifying scent instantly soothes your nervous system. Their refreshing aroma lingers for a long time, allowing for extended periods of calm. Once you have successfully lowered your stress levels with palo santo, you can simultaneously reduce anxiety and aim for a good night’s sleep. 

Palo santo incense sticks are very versatile. Revered by South American indigenous cultures, palo santo has pivotal spirituality-inducing traits. Palo santo can heal your body from the inside and guard your energies. When you light palo santo incense sticks, you cast a protective ward around your space, objects and being. Negative and stagnant energies will have difficulty entering these charmed channels. In short, palo santo incense empowers you with the power to be the best version of yourself. You must always use only genuine palo santo incense to attain its benefits. Remember to always buy it from a trusted incense manufacturer. You can visit to learn more about this.