Smudging is an activity, ritual, or ceremony that’s been around for hundreds of years and is still relevant today. It has been a typical ceremony for Native Americans for a long time, and the remarkable thing is, smudging still retains the same significance it used to have and is practiced in many households and religious places. Many people have raised questions on the effectiveness of smudging, but the truth is that its impact is backed by scientific evidence. 

So what is smudging? It’s an activity of burning sacred herbs like sage or palo santo to purify the environment and create a positive aura. Smudging can effectively cleanse a place, a person, or even an object. The sacred smoke of the herbs has the ability to dismiss the negativity and restore purity and positivity in the environment. 

Smudging is an activity that can be beneficial not just for cleansing but also for boosting one’s health. The aromas emitted from burning the bundle of herbs can have soothing effects & can potentially boost your mood too. Practicing smudging on a daily basis can have a positive impact on your body and soul, much like taking a walk in the park or sitting beside a river. Here are some reasons why you should try smudging - 

Improves mental health 
Have you ever heard of ions? Let’s just look at them in simple terms; negative ions are the ones that are generated in natural settings like around a tree, beside a waterfall, or on a mountain. In contrast, positive ions are the ones emitted indoors from the electronics we have like a TV, a refrigerator, or a toaster. Negative ions have a positive impact on the human mind, while positive ions can work otherwise. Studies have shown that smudging can clear up the air around positive ions and restore the negative ions. Naturally, helping you to feel calm and refreshed and ultimately improving your mental health. 

Gets rid of the negative energy 
The magical, sacred smoke emitted from the burning herbs like sage has the power to change the energies around you, eliminating the negative vibrations. The pleasant aromas of the smoke can evoke positive thoughts in your mind and boost your mood. 
Smudging can also cleanse the energies of a place or an object. It’s a great idea to smudge an object that’s borrowed, bought second hand or that’s left unused for a long time. Likewise, smudging a newly bought home or your living room after a gathering can be a good idea. 

Purifies the air 
Another great advantage of smudging is that the smoke emanated from the burning herbs can battle the bacteria in the air. A study performed in 2006 showed that burning wood and some medicinal herbs reduced the bacteria count in the air by 94% in over 60 minutes. Smudging can also help people with allergies by clearing the air of pollen, pet hair, dust, and more.

Calms you down 
The smoke released while smudging has been shown to have calming effects on the human body. The pleasant aromas and the medicinal properties can lower your blood pressure, improve your breathing rate and make you feel relaxed as you breathe in the negative ions. Smudging can also greatly help you reduce stress, fear, and anxiety. 

Enhances health overall 
The negative ions released during smudging can do wonders in normalizing the feel-good hormone called serotonin in our body. This naturally boosts your mood and productivity. The phenomenal impact of negative ions also works great to destress and relax you, helping improve your sleep patterns. 

How to perform smudging? 
All you need to perform smudging is a smudge stick (typically of sage or palo santo), a fireproof dish, a matchbox, or a lighter. 

Before you begin the process, ensure you open the windows and doors in your house to allow good ventilation. Now simply place your smudge stick (ensure it’s dry) on the fireproof dish and ignite it using the lighter or a match. Once the stick is in flames, let the flames ignite the stick properly. After a few seconds, put off the flames by blowing or shaking. Once the sacred smoke emanating from the herbs starts spreading around, start smudging yourself first. Use your hand or a feather to divert the smoke towards your body and cleanse off the negative energies. Now you can smudge your surroundings and your home. Carry the smudge stick to all rooms of your home. Allow the smoke to cleanse every nook and corner of your home, including wardrobes, dressing tables, cabinets, and more. Visit your front door last, allowing the smoke to push out the negativity from your home. 

Now that you know the significance of smudging and how to do it, you can try it at your own home and experience the benefits for yourself. Go ahead, purify yourself and your surroundings for a positive aura. Experience improved health and enhanced productivity by practicing smudging on a regular basis.