Here's how Yog Chakra Incense can enhance your Yoga experience


Most of us have Yoga as a vital element in our wellness routine! Whether you do an early morning session in a garden or a post-work session at home, Yoga is an overall rejuvenating activity. The hectic lifestyle we are leading is constantly taking a toll on our health, and it’s becoming increasingly significant to boost productivity, stay fresh and healthy.

Doing Yoga regularly can bestow you with health perks like improved strength, better sleep quality, enhanced heart health, a superb mood uplifter, and much more.  Of course, those of us who do Yoga regularly already are aware of the many benefits of it. But what if we tell you that you can get extra benefits from your Yoga session with a slight twist?

HEM is aware of the importance of Yoga in people’s lives and so, we have created the most suitable and effective tool to enhance your Yoga experience. The Yog Chakra Incense by HEM is specially designed to give you more from your Yoga sessions. Here are some pros of burning the Yog Chakra incense during your Yoga session -

1. Makes a perfect setting for Yoga

They say Yoga is best practiced amidst nature, to feel fresh and gain maximum benefits. While that won’t always be possible, you could create a perfect environment for your Yoga session by burning a Yog Chakra incense. The Yog Chakra incense emits a captivating aroma and helps awaken your spirit while doing yoga. Moreover, the sacred smoke of this incense also creates a positive aura around you.  Spruce up your Yoga spot with freshness and purity by igniting the Yog Chakra Incense.

2. Blocks odors

No matter how much you try, you cannot stop the external odors. Whether it be odors from your kitchen or the industries or pollution outside of your home, such odors can keep you from getting the most out of a Yoga session. Yoga Chakra incense helps you to block these odors by filling up the air with a magnificent and alluring aroma. This keeps you away from any toxicity in the air and elevates your Yoga experience.

3. Activates the 7 chakras

Chakras are the hubs of energy in the human body. The 7 chakras are located consecutively from your tailbone to the crown. Each of these energy points is vital for body and wellness, influencing body functions and emotions. The Yog Chakra incense is aimed at restoring that harmony of the chakras and opening up the energy channels.

4. Helps relieve stress

Stress is not rare when we have work pressures grow, we don’t get enough sleep and our eating habits are not right. The soothing fragrance of Yog Chakra incense is just what you need. Especially when burned while doing Yoga, you get a relaxing effect that eases your breathing, improves your mood, and helps alleviate stress.

Yog Chakra incense by HEM is your perfect companion for Yoga sessions that will contribute significantly to your wellness routine. Visit to know more about the product features and benefits.