It’s that time of the year when a musty and stale odor sheathes your home due to the scorching heat. A fragrant and rejuvenating burst of freshness is all you need for gentle cooling during warm weather. How about infusing your home with some aromatic scents to uplift its summer vibes?

Here are five great ways to make your home sweet smelling during this summer season:

  • Place Fresh Flowers Across Your Home
  • A bouquet of pretty summer blooms in different hues will fill your home with an earthy fragrance. These flowers will not only act as natural air purifiers but also brighten up your home décor. You can even buy flowering plants for your home, balcony, or garden for a constant waft of clean and fresh-smelling air. 

  • Spritz Your Space with a Room Freshener
  • A citrus or fruity-scented room freshener is a perfect way to spruce up crisp and hot air with a zesty aroma. These room fresheners are easily available in the market but they may contain chemicals and artificial ingredients. If you want to make a natural DIY room freshener, here is a quick way:

    Add a few drops of lemon juice and lemon essential oil along with a little amount of baking soda in hot water. Allow the mixture to cool down. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. 

  • Light Up Aromatherapy Candles
  • Burn aromatherapy candles with grapefruit, eucalyptus, sandalwood, orange or lemon scents to add subtle fragrance to the ambience. These candles will also take away all the tiredness and lethargy that you may experience during the summer days. These candles also stimulate your limbic system, the part of the brain associated with memory and emotions. 

  • Scatter Potpourri Sachets Around Your Home
  • Make potpourri sachets with herbs like lavender, rosemary, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, and star anise. You can even add dried flowers and leaves along with a few drops of patchouli essential oil. All these ingredients will lend a sweet, spicy, and musty smell to your home. 

  • Burn Incense Sticks and Backflow Cones
  • Several cultures around the world have been burning incense sticks and backflow cones since ages to create a feel-good sensory experience. Both these products are also known to ward off negativity and invite positive energy. So, when you want to find your Zen and welcome fresh and heavenly fragrance into your home, floral incense sticks and backflow cones can work wonders. You can find them in delightful floral fragrances such as red rose, jasmine, and lotus.

    You can buy premium quality and all-natural incense sticks and backflow cones from Hem Fragrances.

    While the ways mentioned above will definitely attract a pleasing fragrance, it is also equally important to clean your home every day and remove foul-smelling things. Your home on a hot summer day should smell of wine – it should give you an intoxicating aroma and long-lasting joy for hours. Summers are already here; get ready to fill your home with divine fragrances.