The history of musk dates back centuries, holding high esteem among royalty and religions alike. Musk was commonly used in perfumes owing to its aphrodisiac properties. In the bygone era, musk was extracted from a gland of the male musk deer, making it a rare and expensive commodity. It is even said that Alexander The Great favored this fragrance. Musk’s charm and reverence in perfumery remain unmatched even today.

Besides its olfactory magnetism, musk incense sticks have many benefits. Its best-known spiritual benefits are protection from harmful energies, spiritual enlightenment, and romance stimulation. Before we delve into the benefits, let’s understand the history of musk incense and how it is made.

What Are Musk Incense Sticks Made Of & What Do They Smell Like?


Until the 1980s, musk was solely extracted from the anal gland of male musk deers. Harvesters removed this gland, either from dead deer or by hunting them. They would dry it out in the sun, where it would turn grainy. As the last step, the harvesters soaked the musk pod in alcohol for months or years, after which the musk perfume was ready for use. Poachers hunted musk deer excessively to satiate global demand, leading to the animal’s endangerment. The hunting and killing of these animals is now banned.

Today, musk incense sticks are made from synthetic substances or plants that produce musky fragrances. Musk has a deep, woodsy, sweet and earthy aroma. Many people describe the scent of musk as the smell of our skin.

Here Are 4 Popular Benefits of Musk Incense Sticks

1. Helpful in Reducing Stress

Musk incense sticks are well-regarded for inducing tranquility. When inhaled, the earthy musk fragrance alerts the brain to reduce the stress hormones your body produces. The smell of musk also boosts serotonin production, a hormone responsible for feelings of happiness, joy and warmth. If you are jittery with nerves or in a highly charged environment, inhaling the fortifying scent of musk incense sticks calms you down and diffuses the tension in the room.

2. Cleanses & Protects Spiritual Energy

Musk incense has intense cleansing and protective qualities. Musk incense sticks can cleanse blocked energies in your body and spirit. The fragrance lightens your mood and helps you attract only positive and refreshing energies. On the other hand, disruptive and negative energies may find their way into your body or home. Such energies require banishment and a protective force to lock them down - a charge musk incense sticks can effortlessly accomplish

3. Improves Focus in Meditation

Musk incense can induce deep and sustainable layers of focus. Since musk incense has soothing properties, the mind easily detaches from the outside world and engages deeper with the inner self. The smoky and elusive scent of musk incense sticks also aids in connecting with divine powers. Inhaling musk incense smoke can help you delve further and interact with high spiritual energies, making your meditation sessions stronger and more productive. Remember to burn musk incense sticks the next time you plan to develop a deep focus for any self-reflection or meditation sessions.

4. A Powerful Deodorizer

Musk incense emits a fragrance that has swooned and captivated humans for centuries. Musk is a base note in luxury perfumes worldwide because it can remain fragrant for long hours. In addition, the aroma of musk is razor sharp and clean, meaning it is not heavy or headache-inducing. It is fresh and invokes crystal clarity to the olfactory senses. Suppose you want your clothes, home or yourself to smell clean, fresh, and natural, light musk incense sticks. Pass the incense smoke repeatedly over your clothes, yourself and surroundings to keep the smell lingering for hours.

As musk incense was obtained from the anal glands of male musk deers, the substance is associated with vitality, life and lust. Even though musk is now synthetically produced or extracted from plants, its associations have never changed. In ancient times, musk was plastered on the walls of places of worship due to the intense levels of spirituality it helps you cultivate. From protecting your peace and deodorizing your space to instantly relieving stress and promoting concentration, musk incense sticks carry a plethora of benefits.

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