The idea of an incense cone might be baffling at first. Most of us are accustomed to incense sticks or loose, raw incense. Incense cones are not too different. Instead of being rolled out into thin strips on wooden sticks, the incense is lumped into a cone shape. An incense cone has its own unique advantages: it has a longer burn time, the smoke lingers for a long time, and it is less messy. Plus, it appears dainty and elegant, enhancing your decor. Lighting incense cones can induce an environment rich in radiance and positive vibrations.

How To Light An Incense Cone?

Another nifty benefit of an incense cone is that it does not require any special holders to function. All it needs is a good old-fashioned bowl or plate. Here’s the correct way to light an incense cone. Choose an incense bouquet that matches your mood or the energies you want to attract. Set an intention and chant a prayer. Hold the tip of the cone over a flame. Keep still until it burns evenly and produces a red glow. Snuff the flame and place the cone in a bowl or plate. This way, the ashes collect inside the vessel and do not spread in the air. Some incense cones come ready with a stand. If you use the stand, always ensure the ashes collect only on fireproof surfaces.  

Our Recommendations For The Best Incense Cones

1. Jasmine Incense Cones


Jasmine is regarded as a spiritual flower by numerous global cultures. The flower is indigenous to India and South Asia and represents purity, spirituality and hope. The heady and sensual fragrance of jasmine heals the heart chakra. The heart chakra governs feelings of love, romance and relationships. Since jasmine incense promotes deep relaxation, it helps you cultivate a strong sense of divine awareness. Its scent encourages you to explore the pathways of your consciousness. This makes for the most relaxing and healing yoga or meditation session. Jasmine incense cones are the ideal choice if you want to enter a state of complete and pure bliss.

2. Amber Incense Cones


Buddhist, Hindu and Christian practitioners have widely used amber incense cones to communicate with the divine. This is because amber incense can purify a space. By ridding the space of harmful energies, your path to open communication with the spirits becomes easier. Amber incense releases a warm and sweet aroma with spicy notes when lit. This encourages feelings of warmth and passion. The solar plexus chakra is found in your navel and regulates feelings of motivation and mastery over oneself. If your solar plexus chakra is blocked, you may experience low self-esteem and become prone to procrastination. Amber incense cones can release a blocked solar plexus chakra.

3. Lavender Incense Cones


A native flower of the Mediterranean region, lavender releases a sweet, floral aroma with balsamic notes. A low attention span and mental fog are signs of a blocked crown chakra. This can be reversed with lavender incense cones. The refreshing and purifying smoke of lavender incense enters your body and clears away the clouds in your mind. It dramatically improves focus and promotes mental clarity. Lavender incense also has excellent relaxing and stress-relieving properties. It soothes anxiety, brings down hyper-awareness and lends an air of positivity, thus enabling a night of restful and healing sleep.

The best time to use an incense cone is when you are unoccupied by mentally or physically demanding chores. This is because incense cones release healing and spiritual energies in the air. You can only absorb these energies to their maximum capacity when you can fully appreciate your space's new, healed aura. Incense cones are best for days that require intense focus, creative inspiration, inner peace and healing.

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