Benefits of Using an Incense during Yoga

Since ancient times, scents, perfumes, fragrances, incenses, etc. are in use to invoke a specific mood and responses. For instance, relaxation, aid sleep, increase concentration, stimulate creativity, and many other activities. As the years went by, people began using Incense for religious and aesthetic purposes too. Due to its soothing and stress relieving capabilities, Incense stick and essential oils have now become an integral part of every yoga session around the world. What makes Incense a perfect companion during meditations and yoga? Below, we have explored some of the attributes of Incense and listed down their benefits during such sessions.

The Right Atmosphere

Lighting an incense during yoga sessions helps you create the right atmosphere for your body and mind. While performing such natural activity, you would always want to avoid anything artificial and toxic and create a serene atmosphere that helps your focus. Also, incense sticks help you boost your energy levels and at the same time, keep your mind restful for a perfect yoga session.

Block Odors

Often, during yoga, odors from outside the house such as car and bike exhausts, smoke, or even food cooking from outside and also within the home can lead to distraction. It disturbs the focus of the mind and affects the session in the wrong way. Having an incense during such sessions helps you to block such discomforting odors and uplifts the mood and helps you reach Zen.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Yoga is known for its stress-relieving and relaxing capabilities. Having an incense along-side can enhance these moods further and take you to space away from the hassles of your daily life. In terms of relaxation, it brings your heart rate and breathing to a standard rate and calms your mind and doesn’t allow it to jump from one thing to another. Nag Champa incense stick is one such fragrance known for its natural and soothing scent that helps you relax and enjoy your meditation or Yoga session.

Enhanced Focus

Many use music as a medium to focus while at work, study, engaging in a hobby, or performing yoga. However, incenses are known to have some fantastic fragrances that help concentration and increases focus. Scents have a much subtler effect on your mind and body and are less intrusive than playing music in the background.

Uplifts Mood

The smell of the Incense is known to be the most memory-stimulating of the five senses. Many times, the smell of an incense triggers memories from the past that are associated with that fragrance. Such memories tend to uplift the mood with every breath and keeps the mind and body focused on the session.


Incense stick varieties such as White Sage incense stick and Palo Santo incense stick are used for their spiritual, negative energy cleansing, and healing capabilities. Smudging is a process, wherein, spaces at homes and offices are cleansed for their negative energy and experiences. Not only spaces, but you can also smudge yourself and others too.

They are particularly effective in Yoga as it helps you come back down into reality and makes you stronger and resilient to negative energy. It helps relax and calm your immune and nervous system.

Having gone through the list, is there anything about Incense to not like about! Many more such diverse benefits of Incense can only be better experienced than reading.

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