Nothing compares to the soothing environment lavender incense creates. Native to the Mediterranean, Middle East and India, lavender incense is extracted from the dried flowers and leaves of the lavender plant. A staple of most cultures worldwide, lavender incense is immensely popular for its spiritual benefits, such as ridding negativity, cleansing people, places and objects, promoting spirituality, inducing focus and supporting creativity. As for its physical benefits, lavender incense has a tranquilizing effect, promotes better sleep, enhances mood and perfumes the air with a hypnotic scent. 

What Do Lavender Incense Sticks Smell Like & What Are They Used For? 

Lavender incense has a distinctly floral yet herbaceous aroma. One can describe this fragrance as sweet and earthy with balsamic base notes. Lavender incense sticks, therefore, release a pleasing and potent scent that lingers in the air for hours. Generally, people use lavender incense sticks for aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, energy cleansing, crystal recharging, decompressing, encouraging restful sleep, and naturally scenting a space. Since they have such strong power, we’re exploring the benefits of lavender incense sticks below:

Our 5 Favorite Benefits of Lavender Incense Sticks 

1. Naturally Perfumes The Space

Lavender incense sticks are redolent with deodorizing and antibacterial properties. Lavender incense is a great alternative for artificial scents and air fresheners. When you light lavender incense sticks, the herbaceous and earthy aroma of lavender fills the room to drive out stale and musty odors and cleanse the air of dirt. You are left with clean, fresh and delightfully aromatic air, reminding you of summer. 

2. Cleanses Energy 

Similar to its physical cleansing effects, lavender incense is used by most cultures to cleanse the energies of people, places and objects. Lavender incense has incredible purifying properties that remove toxic thoughts, emotions and vibes. In its place, it infuses the person, place or object with mood-enhanced, refreshed and cleansed energies. Light lavender incense sticks if you are looking to dispel negativity and seek purity. 

3. Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is perhaps lavender incense’s most popular known usage. Lavender incense diffuses a pleasant scent that triggers your mind to release mood-boosting hormones. You experience blissful relaxation, which directly results from your stress coming down. Incorporate lavender incense sticks into your evening routine to relax after an exhausting day and regain energy.  

4. Balances the Crown Chakra 

The crown chakra is an energy center present on the top of your head. It acts as a conduit between your sense of self and the spiritual realm, governing your spirituality, creativity and wisdom. When your crown chakra is unbalanced due to the pressures of everyday life, you may experience difficulty concentrating and connecting with divine energies. You can clear this blockage with lavender incense. Lighting lavender incense sticks during meditation/spiritual exercises promotes clarity and focus and strengthens your spirituality. 

5. Improves Sleep 

Lavender incense has strong relaxing properties and supports insomnia treatment. When you burn lavender incense, its delightful smoke pierces the air with a soothing fragrance. As you inhale the sweet incense-scented air, you experience calmness, clarity and pure bliss. As a result, it becomes easy for you to drift off into restful repose. Light lavender incense sticks an hour before bed; remember to put out the stick before sleeping. 

Lavender incense has enjoyed pride of place in many global cultures for its purifying and spiritual properties. Hindu cultures consider lavender a sacred plant due to its cleansing properties and use incense in religious rituals. Ancient Egyptians used lavender incense in mummification rituals to guide and protect the soul in the afterlife. As for the Romans, lavender was a permanent fixture in their daily lives thanks to its cleansing and deodorizing effects. They used lavender, lavender incense and essential oils to perfume their homes. Spanish and Portuguese churches lighted lavender incense to chase away unwelcome energies. 

All this reiterates the common belief that lavender incense is a superb relaxing, spiritual and cleansing agent. 

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