Frankincense has been highly revered by Christian, Arab, Jewish, Indian and Chinese cultures for thousands of years. Said to bring one closer to the divine, frankincense has been the go-to incense in religious ceremonies across these cultures. Therefore, burning frankincense is strongly recommended to reach blissful meditative states. On the other hand, frankincense boasts a whole host of benefits for the body, mind and spirit. 

What Are Frankincense Incense Cones? 

A Incense cone is a form of incense that is conically shaped. It diffuses the air with incense quickly and lingers for a long time. Made from the resin extracted from the Boswellia trees, frankincense Incense cones emit a woodsy and smoky aroma with hints of spice and pine. Frankincense Incense cones gradually release the incense, lending your space a magical and blissful vibe. 

Let’s Take A Look At The 3 Intense Spiritual Benefits Of Frankincense Incense Cones

Detoxifies Your Body, Mind & Spirit 

In global cultures, frankincense is the best detoxifying agent for your body, mind and spirit. The purifying fragrance of frankincense chases away energies that take a negative toll on you. It restores the imbalance caused by harmful spirits, filling you with positivity. Its sweet aroma centers your soul and aligns all your chakras. You might need an energy detox if you’ve been feeling bogged down by life lately. Frankincense Incense cones are an excellent choice in this regard and can help you regain your footing. 

Forges A Connection With The Divine 

A persistent presence in Judeo-Christian, Indian and Chinese religions, frankincense has a strong connection with the divine. So strong is the link that it was considered a luxury in medieval times and was accessible only to royalty. The lulling effects of frankincense flood your senses with steady calmness. The earthy fragrance transports you to a higher plane, removing worldly distractions. It helps turn your thoughts and feelings inward and establish inner peace. All these work in tandem to help you reach closer to the divine. Frankincense Incense cones are excellent aids for meditative, yoga and mindfulness exercises. 

Instant Anxiety & Stress-Reliever 

The rich aroma of frankincense can ground you in the present moment. Frankincense can anchor your mind if your feelings and emotions are going haywire or your anxiety is set off due to stressful conditions. It reduces your stress levels, puts you at complete ease and helps you corral your emotions. The soothing power of frankincense makes it ideal when you want to wind down after a particularly stressful day. Alternatively, if you are anxious to face an important day, burning a frankincense Incense cone and imbibing its blissful energies can relieve you of nervous jitters. 

The potent aroma of frankincense penetrates deep into your unconscious and subconscious minds. It has the power to balance the scales and can fill you up with a positive outlook. Burning frankincense Incense cones can enhance your overall mood. This makes it easy for you to tap deep into spiritual energies and reach heightened awareness. Since frankincense can impact your life dramatically, beware of purchasing low-quality incense. Instead, choose a trusted incense manufacturer. You can buy potent frankincense Incense cones here -