Hem White Sage Spray for Cleansing Negative Energy Pack of 2


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FORMULATED BY CERTIFIED AROMATHERAPIST AND REIKI MASTER - Pure clean blend of white sage essential oil, camphor, purifying herbs to provide all benefits of smudging without any smoke. Energy spray free of parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, and hexelyne glycol.

PACK OF 2 SPACE CLEARING SPRAY - This box contains 2 white sage sprays of 3.4 oz each. With 1500-2000 sprays, this smudge mist will provide 4-6 months protection.

POSITIVELY CHARGED & BLESSED WITH REIKI - Water is infused with Quartz for 30 days to amplify positive energy. Combined with Reiki healing power, this sage will bring peace, purity and positivity.

SOFT SWEET CAMPHOROUS AROMA - White Sage aroma to relax mind and clean surroundings. You can use this as room spray, car air freshener, yoga mat spray or on your linens and fabrics. Chemical free solution for smoke and kitchen malodor.

HOW TO CLEANSE? - Open your windows, quiet your mind and set your intentions. Then, spray in each room you are cleansing starting in each corner. You can waft the air and energy you want to remove toward the open window. Once the energy has become neutral, close the window, and add the Selenite wand to keep more negative energy out. At the end of your cleansing, bring positive things into your environment: a flower, some rose pedals, light a candle that you love, etc.

CONSCIOUS ETHICAL BRAND - Sacred Elements is brand of HEM Incense. All ingredients are ethically sourced directly from local communities and are 100% vegan. Women comprise 80% of our workforce, employed at fair wages.

PERFECT HOUSEWARMING GIFT: Cleaning a new living environment is an important part of moving in on a clean slate. Gift this essential oil spray for good vibes and positive energy to your friends and family.

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