Benefits of burning incense in our day-to-day life
Modern life has become tiresome & stressful. Our work hours have drastically increased and time for rest & relaxation has reduced. These lifestyle changes take a toll on our health over a period of time. It is imperative to practice a healthy lifestyle, on a day-to-day basis to stay healthy and fit over a long period of time.

Everyone has their own way to put their feet up for a while! Some of you might like hanging out in your favorite bookstore and others might opt for a challenging hike. But often what we need the most is effective relaxation in a short period of time. In this article, we will be sharing some fascinating benefits of incense burning and how you can relax your mind, body, and spirit.
So put on your comfy clothes and grab a cup of a steaming beverage & read further to know the delights of incense burning.

1. Gets rid of stress and anxiety:
Incenses are dipped in essential oils, made from some special plant extracts. The aroma of these incenses has the ability to calm your mind, infuse positivity & thereby also having a proven effect to dwindle stress and anxiety. The magical fragrances of some incenses can lower your heart rate & invite peace and tranquility in your soul.

2. Enhances creativity:
For thousands of years, painters, writers, and other artists have burned incense while practicing their art. The rich aromas of incense can act as a stimulus to your creativity, boost your imagination, and enrich your art. Incenses also helps sharpen your thought process while crafting your masterpieces. The next time you have writer’s block or a creative block, ignite your favorite incense and relax for some time.

3. Boosts focus and attention span:
The saints and monks use incense while doing prayers or writing their literature to sharpen their focus. It’s only true that the herbal extracts from which these incenses are made can be immensely effective in enhancing the focus as well as attention span while doing an activity. Try burning incense while studying, working, or while doing any other activity that requires a sharp focus.

4. Improves sleep:
The soothing aromas of certain incenses have the capability of putting you to a peaceful sleep.
In general, incenses are used for relaxation and to relieve stress, this acts as an added advantage for incenses to boost sleep in people. Some incenses are also used for the treatment of insomnia.
5. Purifies the air:
The smoke released from incense can purify the air. Yes, you heard it right! The herbal extracts from which incenses are manufactured are antibacterial & antimicrobial in nature. Diffusing the pleasant incense smoke will not only make the air around you fragrant but will also eliminate impurities in the air.

Burning incense can help your health, mind, and body more than just relaxation. It is one of the mediums that can improve your wellness routine. With so many benefits combined together with delightful fragrances, you now have a solution to stay healthy and relax even for a short period of time. Check out some great fragrances by HEM and pick your favorite one to embark upon a healthy and happy life.