Home Sweet Home.

A home filled with love, laughter, warmth and comfort is the best place to live in this world. It gives you a feeling of belonging. It makes you feel good. It is your escapade from the world. It is a reflection of your personality. Naturally, you want your home to look beautiful and tasteful, especially when you invite your family or friends for a big meal during this Thanksgiving season.

Here are some simple and doable tricks to add elegance and festive flair to your home for Thanksgiving:

Accessorize with Artifacts -

Place small and big accessories across the home. Accessories add soul to your home. You can buy these accessories from gift shops, thrift stores, or flea markets. You can even display your travel souvenirs and antique collection for an eye-catching effect. Books, art pieces and paintings make great accessories too.

Liven up the Dining Table -

How can you forget the dining table where all the conversations and food will flow? Add a touch of style to the table setting with a centerpiece, accent pieces, serving dishes, napkins, candle stands, etc. You can go with light, subdued colors or bold and bright hues as per the theme of the overall decor of the house.

Accentuate with an Accent Wall -

You can even uplift the style of your home with an accent wall that stands out in the whole house. It is the focal point of the house and breaks the monotony of other walls.  You can cover it with wallpaper in a gorgeous design or paint them a different color than the rest of the walls. You can even put up wall décor stickers or paint a design on it. Try adding different textures, shades or materials to the wall to bring out its exclusivity.

Upgrade the Curtains -

Curtains are the best makeover for windows. You will be amazed how a change of curtains and curtain accessories can revamp the look of your home. Ideally, you should keep 2-3 pairs of curtains in different fabrics, which you can change every season. You can even change curtain rods or customize the curtains with vibrant pulls and tie backs.

Enhance the Ambience with Aroma Oils -

Aroma oils are the most budget-friendly way to add a touch of elegance through fragrance. Aroma oils are natural essential oils extracted from different parts of plants. For ages, aroma oils have been used in homes traditionally as an alternative therapy through inhalation or as a topical application.

When using it for homes, add a few drops of aroma oil in soapstone or electric diffuser. You can even use aroma oils in aroma fresh diffusers, aromatherapy lamps, and potpourri. Alternatively, you can mix a few drops of aroma oil in little water and spray it around the house for a lovely fragrance. You can buy aroma oils in different scents such as wood, rose, lavender, lemon, musk, white sage, vanilla, strawberry, jasmine, lemongrass, etc, as per your personal preference.

We hope our home décor ideas for Thanksgiving have inspired you!

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